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   The Stanford Journal of Legal Studies: An Intramural Publication (SJLS) is now accepting submissions for publication. SJLS seeks articles that explore the theoretical foundations of the law by focusing not on specific laws or public policies, but rather on more abstract approaches to law and jurisprudence in a way that informs our understanding of the role of law in human experience, including, but not limited to, the impact of law on other academic disciplines. To this end, the SJLS publishes articles, essays, and commentaries based on their contribution to the study of law.

   Articles can be anywhere from 15 to 60 double-spaced pages. If you have an existing or proposed essay or article that you believe fits the description of the journal, we would greatly appreciate its submission for review. Because the articles will be published on-line, pictures and/or brief audio-visual clips can be included with the written material.

   Submissions can be sent by e-mail, or through U.S. Mail at:

      Stanford Journal of Legal Studies
      Stanford Law School
      Stanford University
      Stanford, CA 94305

Please be sure to include your name, email, and telephone number. For further information, please contact the Submissions Editor at the address below:

      Ryan Fortson