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Laura Engelhardt, '00

Laura graduated from Hamilton College in 1995 with honors in Theater and German. Before entering Stanford Law School, she taught English and Ballroom Dance. In Fall of 1998, she assisted Sahand in turning his idea of a journal into a reality-- by cowriting the business plan and working with the Administration. She has been primarily responsible for the defining and structuring of Journal operations.

Carl L. Flink, '01
Business/Administrative Officer

Before coming to Stanford, Carl spent the last nine years as a working modern dancer and choreographer in New York City with the Jose Limon Dance Company. He holds a degree in Political Science and Women's Studies summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota. In 1998, he decided to make a dramatic career change and was heard to say, "its law school for me." Since arriving at Stanford, Carl has searched for interesting and creative ways to get out of the traditional law school track. Cofounding the SJLS was just such an opportunity. It provided the chance to gain valuable journaling experience while assisting in designing a law journal for the 21st century.

Ryan Fortson, '01
Submissions Editor

Before coming to Stanford Law School, Ryan was a graduate student in political science, with a concentration in political theory, at the University of Minnesota. He will receive his PhD in the fall of 1999. Prior to that, he went to Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, CA and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Amherst College. His primary areas of interest in the law are jurisprudence, legal theory, legal ethics, and the history of law. Ryan’s career goal is to become a law professor.

Derek S. Roberti, '01
Technical Editor

Derek completed his Ph.D. at Stanford in June of 1998 in the Modern Thought and Literature program. His dissertation – "Economic Indicators: Force and Regulation in the Turn-of-the-Century United States" – examined the genesis of American business management through an analysis of regulatory and predictive theories of flow in contemporary mechanical and industrial engineering.  Derek became interested in the Journal both because of its fresh approach to legal scholarship and its innovative format.

Sahand Shaibani, '00

Sahand Shaibani originally conceived of the idea for the formation of the Stanford Journal of Legal Studies, and with the help of Laura Engelhardt, wrote the business plan for the Journal as a class project. Sahand graduated with seven honors, including PHI BETA KAPPA, from Boston University where he was awarded a double major in philosophy and international relations and a minor in English. Sahand is interested in entrepreneurial projects, interdisciplinary research, and Shotokan Karate.