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 Law and Geography: Featured Articles

  Preserving Community in The City: Special
  Improvement Districts and the Privatization
  of Urban Racialized Space
    by Audrey G. McFarlane |  a b s t r a c t

  Can Local Government Save the Global Commons?
  Lessons from the Johannesburg Summit
    by Robert R.M. Verchick |  a b s t r a c t

  Legal Fictions: Fundamental Questions on the
  Legitimacy of International Law
    by Joseph DeLuca |  a b s t r a c t

  Is This The Way to Go? - Handling Immigration in
  a Global Era
    by Saskia Sassen |  a b s t r a c t

  The Liberalization of Free Speech:
  Or, How Protest in Public Space is Silenced
    by Don Mitchell |  a b s t r a c t
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